Above: Nueva Luz Volume 11#2, featuring
Nichole Frocheur (cover artist),
Manuel Rivera-Ortiz and Lyssa Palu-ay.

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Get Your Work Seen!

We are always looking for photography to be published in Nueva Luz or exhibited in our Touring Gallery program. The work featured in Nueva Luz reaches a broad community of curators, collectors, photographers and art enthusiasts throughout the U.S.

PUBLISHED feature artists receive a $300 honorarium (for portfolios of 8-10 images; less images pro-rated accordingly), an En Foco membership, complimentary issues of the issue in which they are featured, 10 gift subscriptions, and a photographer's page on enfoco.org.

EXHIBITED artists in Touring Gallery receive a $150 honorarium, an En Foco membership, and a photographer's page on enfoco.org. Where feasible, an additional honoraria of $100 is provided for an Artist Talk.

New Works artists receive a $1,000 honoraria, a materials stipend (dependent on funding which varies year to year) and as many photo-related goodies we can muster (but you do have to create new work!).

WRITERS/CURATORS receive a $300 honorarium for the Commentary essay; $100 for the Intercambio section; and $50 for a blog article. Guest Editors receive $500. If you have an idea or project in mind, we'd love to hear about it!

SUBMITTING YOUR WORK for Nueva Luz and Touring Gallery:

Send a portfolio of images for consideration: 10 if sending via email, and 20 if sending via CD. We strongly encourage submissions to show a definite and resolved grouping of images.

We prefer to review digital files (jpg no larger than 2MB each, on a mac formatted CD) - although RC prints orink jet prints are also acceptible. Emailed submissions and links to websites will ONLY be accepted if sent to: submissions [at] enfoco.org.

Include a bio and/or resume, noting your heritage and U.S. citizenship status; an artist statement; and a checklist of the images submitted (include full title, series, year, medium and size).

Include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope, with an appropriately sized envelope if you wish your materials to be returned. En Foco does not assume liability for any materials sent by mail.

SEND TO: En Foco, attn: (name of program), 1738 Hone Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461.

Things to keep in Mind:

  • We publish and exhibit contemporary fine art and documentary photographers of diverse cultures, primarily U.S. residents of Latino, African and Asian heritage, and Native Peoples of the Americas and the Pacific.
  • If we are interested, we may request higher resolution files or actual prints (your chance to show off the quality of your work!), or request an in-person meeting for NYC based photographers.
  • It is important for your submission to show a cohesive direction. The images should all be of the SAME series, and work well together.
  • Keep the reviewers happy: do not send matted or mounted works.
  • Members: don't forget you can come in for a personal Portfolio Review.
  • Consider attending one of our free "Get Your Foot in the Door" workshops and learn about best practices - submission tips from curators and reviewers.
  • If you still have questions, please do ask: info [at] enfoco [dot] org. We are a small staff working far in advance, so please be patient.
We are grateful for everyone's interest and enthusiasm. We regret that we can not respond to each submission. However, if you are selected we will contact you personally with details, and work closely with you to prepare your work for exhibition or publication.


1. How does the online submission for New Works, work?
First you need to register and upload your work to callforentry.org (its free). Their website has thorough tutorials and FAQs to help guide you through that process. On August 1st, En Foco staff views and vets at all entries (we often find some great folks for Nueva Luz or Touring Gallery). About 50% of submissions then get forwarded to our juror. In 2011 we received about 250 submissions, so that's not bad odds to have your work seen by the juror!

2. How is New Works different from submitting to other programs?
New Works is a more like a grant to encourage you to continue your work. New Works fellows are chosen from an open call for entries, and must be of Latino, African, Asian or Native American heritage residing in the U.S. There is no entry fee to apply to New Works, and the awardees are selected by a well-known curator or juror (the 2009-2010 juror was Anne Tucker, from the Museum of Fine Arts/Houston). Fellows receive a $1000 honorarium, photo-related goods, and have about eight months to continue their proposed series for an En Foco exhibition in New York.

3. What is the judging/curatorial criteria?
En Foco editors and curatorial staff consider the following criteria, before sending submissions to the jurors:
- Has the work been created within the last three years or so? Or if an ongoing project, does it include imagery from recent years?
- Is a theme or topic carried throughout the "portfolio" in a consistent manner?
- Are the individual images strong compositionally, and technically sound, as well as in their use of color or tone?
- Does the body of work take an innovative or unique approach to the subject matter?
- What presentation choices has the photographer made, and are they appropriate for the work? For example, is there a clear reason for using a specific process for a given series like color versus black & white versus any other any alternative process?

4. I don't have scans of my work... what should I do?
It is best if you go to a Photo Lab and get them scanned properly, or a Kinko's and have them put the scans on a CD so you are later able to download it to the Cafe website. Although they'll need to be a very specific size for callforentry.org, its in your best interest to scan them at 300dpi so you can use it for other opportunities. If you are a member, you can take advantage of your membership discount at the following places: Sugarhill Works, Loupe Digital, Color Edge CRC labs, Modernage, and Spectral Masters Digital Imaging. If you need technical assistance, a great resource of "how-two's" is www.lynda.com

5. I am not from a "minority" culture, can I still apply?
While our primary mission is to nurture, advocate for and support contemporary photographers of Latino, African, Asian or Native American heritage residing in the U.S., we do review works by all photographers for Nueva Luz, special exhibitions and membership.

6. Who retains the copyright?
As in all En Foco programs, copyright remains with the creator of the images (ie, the photographer), and it must be understood that En Foco reserves the right to reproduce winning work in its announcements, on its website and publications, for the conduct and promotion of En Foco programs. Photo credit will be included.

We look forward to reviewing your work!