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"The best photography magazines aren't those
that sell gear, but those that help us see
through the eyes of prescient photographers
and think more clearly about the medium itself.
...Another journal deserving wider attention is
Nueva Luz, published by En Foco, a nonprofit arts organization..."
--excerpt from Utne Magazine, Seeing Differently: Photo Magazines with an Angle

Nueva Luz Photographic Journal

Nueva Luz is a unique tri-annual photographic journal, featuring work by contemporary fine art and documentary photographers of African, Asian, Latino, and Native American heritage.

It has been awarded two 2011 and 2009 Ippie Awards for Best Photographic Essay, and is a finalist for the Lucie Awards' PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR from 2007-2009. Nueva Luz includes beautifully reproduced portfolios by remarkable photographers, with essays by leading photography curators, critics and authors from around the world.

Nueva Luz is available as a SUBSCRIPTION, as well as a MEMBERSHIP benefit.

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Nueva Luz is a non-profit publication, created in 1984. It is funded through the generous support of your subscriptions, memberships, Print Collectors Program purchases, and the gracious support of the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Bronx Council on the Arts.

"Thirty years later En Foco's presence has made a place in public art for those who are potentially underrepresented and has insured that good photography doesn´t slip through our cultural prejudices."
Excerpt from En Foco Celebrates 30th Year,
by Ilana Swerdlin, Afterimage, Issue 33.1

"In the first week it was ‘on the streets’ I received three contacts from galleries. I am so honored that you have supported my work and believe in me. Sometimes or maybe even most times – the (art) world feels very alienating. Yet, with En Foco, I have found a new family. One that continues to help me develop as a strong and confident artist”
Lola Flash, Photographer (Volume 11#1, 2006)