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© Kathy Vargas,
Oración: Valentine’s Day, Day of the Dead series, 1991
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© Kathy Vargas

© Kathy Vargas

Kathy Vargas
Born: 1950 , San Antonio, TX
Resides: San Antonio, TX


Selected Exhibitions:
En Foco at Venice Arts, Venice, CA 2013
En Foco at The Arts at CIIS, San Francisco, CA 2013
En Foco at Aljira, Newark, NJ 2012
En Foco at the Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC 2012
En Foco at Light Work, Syracuse, NY 2011
Museo de las Americas, Denver, CO, 2011
McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX, 2000
Smithsonian Institution
Corcoran Gallery, Washington, DC
UTSA Downtown Art Gallery

MFA, University of Texas,San Antonio, 1984

Nueva Luz photographic journal, Volume 4#2 (En Foco: Bronx, 1994)

"There were the very real memories of my childhood: how my grandmother had introduced me to death. These memories impact the experience of the present: beloved friends dying of AIDS. I felt the need to express not only the topical, the solid and actual, but also the 'quicksilver', non-solid moments which could not be made completely concrete but were more memory, dream and myth. I realized that my culture was about both types of moments."
Artist Statement, published in Nueva Luz Volume 4:2, 1994


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