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© Sanaz Mazinani, Matriarch of Family, Ahmad-Abaad, Iran_Re:Visited series, 2006. Chromogenic print, 23x23"

© Sanaz Mazinani, Scale, Amol, Iran_Re:Visited series, 2006. Chromogenic print, 23x23"

© Sanaz Mazinani, Parisa, Amol, Iran_Re:Visited series, 2006. Chromogenic print, 23x23"

Sanaz Mazinani
Born: 1978, Tehran, Iran
Resides: Toronto, Canada


Selected Exhibitions:
Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto, Canada
AIPAD Armory Show, New York, NY
PhotoMiami, Miami, FL
Carnegie Gallery, Toronto, Canada
AWOL Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Ontario Arts Council's Emerging Artist Grant
Toronto Image Works Award

Nueva Luz photographic journal, Volume 13#2 (En Foco: Bronx, 2008)

“Today, over a quarter-century after the Islamic Revolution, more than fifty percent of Iran’s population is under the age of twenty five. This new generation is steadily pushing against the set boundaries, fighting against the clergy and working hard to hold on to their traditions. Others are fighting against the surge of western popular culture as they struggle to find their own identities. The photographs in this series afford us a privileged glimpse of the multitude of ideologies that overlap in contemporary Iran.
I explore the physical landscape and human faces in Iran_Re:Visited. Each image contains its own narrative qualities, but together, the images create a complex portrait of Iran, its landscape, and the people who inhabit it. In this work, I deliberately refuse to romanticize my culture, and try to strip away the prevailing imagery of "The Other:" the desert, the veiled woman.
Here, the complexity of Iranian society refuses to be reduced to the question of hejab, but instead must be understood in terms of the competing forces of tradition and change. In exploring the multiplicity of political attitudes, I aim to reveal the reality of life in Iran with all its contradictions and ambiguities, exploring the trans-cultural attitudes and habits that exist as a result of the expanse of globalization.”
--Nueva Luz, Volume 13#2 (2008)




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