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© Charlie Grosso,
Wok the Dog series

© Charlie Grosso
Wok the Dog series

© Charlie Grosso
Wok the Dog series

Charlie Grosso
Born: 1979, Taipei, Taiwan
Resides: Los Angeles, CA

Chinese American

Selected Exhibitions:
En Foco at BRIC Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2013
Marist Art Gallery, oughkeepsie, NY, 2012
New York Photo Festival and PowerHouse Arena, NYC, 2012
Bill Hodges Gallery, NYC, 2011
San Alejandro Fine Art Academy, Havana, Cuba, 2011
HousProjects, NYC, 2011
En Foco at El Taller Boricua Gallery, New York, NY 2008
LA Art Core, Los Angeles, CA 2008

BA, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 2001

En Foco's New Works Photography Awards #11 (2007-08)

Nueva Luz photographic journal, Volume 17#2 (En Foco: Bronx, 2013)
Nueva Luz, volume 12#3 (En Foco: Bronx, NY 2008)

Artist’s Statement:
In my work as a photographer I examine how we live our lives. Each photo is an investigation, each series a quest. The focus of the questions differs from project to project, yet the essence is the same: how do we live, lve, and dream?

We are imposed with an enormous expectation that one's life is important, that we are capable of great achievements. I am seeking a noble vision of man's nature, life's potential and through it all; I hope to find that we live our lives in exultation.




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