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© Mustafah Abdulaziz
Cowboy in Mountains, Patagonia Cowboy series
Archival pigment print

© Mustafah Abdulaziz
Cowboys set Fishing Nets at Sunset, Patagonia Cowboy series
Archival pigment print

© Mustafah Abdulaziz
Rodeo, Cerro Castillo, Patagonia Cowboy series
Archival pigment print

Mustafah Abdulaziz
Born: 1986, New York, NY
Resides: Philadelphia, PA


Selected Exhibitions:
En Foco/Canson Infinity at PhotoPlus Expo, New York, NY 2009

Northampton Community College, Associates Degree in Journalism, 2007

People/Places/Things: an International Photo Competition Celebrating En Foco's 35th Anniversary, 2009
Magenta Foundation Flash Forward: Emerging Photographers 2009
Project Basho, Onward 2009
NPPA Best of Photojournalism, 2009 Atlanta Photojournalism Contest 2008

Nueva Luz photographic journal, Volume 14#2 (En Foco: Bronx, 2010)

Artist Statement:
"Located at the bottom of South America, Patagonia stretches from 40 degrees to 55 degrees South, finishing less than 1,000 km north of Antartica, the closest point to the bottom of the world. Made famous by the British travel writer Bruce Chatwin in his '77 classic, "In Patagonia," it is an area defined by sweeping mountain ranges, brutal climates and vast plains so remote that if Manhattan possessed the same population density, fewer than 50 people would live there. But in this isolated land lives a changing culture: the Patagonian cowboy, or gaucho, who roam with their sheep and cattle in an existance that has changed little since the 1900's. Yet the commercialization of the region has brought about a great many changes. Here, at the end of the world, traditions are being passed on to the new generation.

My goal is to use photography as a means to communicate effective and accurately across borders and fences so as to play a part in creating bridges of understanding in an increasingly technologically interconnected world. As the tools of technology bring our collective awareness closer together, the power of the photograph can shine a light of knowledge and inspiration into places where there was once only darkness. I wish to document people and cultures whose lives may not contain the drama of spot news or the visceral power of war and conflict, but whose daily struggles and ways of life are changing as our world moves into this new century."




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